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Why Wrangler Western Wear?

Why Wrangler Western Wear?

I was recently asked about our Wrangler Jean pricing and why it is higher than the Wranglers at Walmart. I thought I would share my response to the question with you because taken at face value, the Walmart jeans may seem a better value, but is that the reality? Read on...

Thank you very much for your email and inquiry regarding our Wrangler Jeans. I'd be happy to share the reasoning behind our pricing of Wrangler jeans compared to the Wrangler jeans that Walmart sells.

Wrangler has many different divisions of jeans. One of those divisions is the Western Wear division and the jeans that are included in the Western Wear division are made of USA material and are assembled in Mexico. The denim that is used for the Western jeans is also a heavier and more durable weight of denim than the regular Wrangler jeans available at Walmart.  We only sell jeans from the Wrangler Western Wear division.

Wrangler makes jeans exclusively for Walmart and there are vast differences in the quality of the denim used in these jeans.  The denim is not as heavy a weight nor may it be a USA cotton.  In addition, some of the jeans are also manufactured off shore in other countries.

It really is comparing apples to oranges with regards to the quality and construction of the Wrangler jeans we sell versus the ones available at Walmart. If I can use a car analogy, it is close to comparing a base model Chevy to a Cadillac.  Both made by the same company but certainly different classes of quality.

We have had many customers tell us how they appreciate the quality and longevity of the Wrangler jeans we sell and that makes a lot of "horse sense" to us.

I hope this helps answer your question regarding Wrangler jeans and the difference between what we sell and what Walmart sells.  If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to give me a call at the numbers listed below and I would be more than happy to discuss any of your questions further with you.

Thanks again

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