How to Properly Fit a Cowboy Boot

At Stampede Tack & Western Wear we take great pride in fitting each and every customer into the right pair of boots. We have over 3000 pairs of boots in stock so we are very confident that we will be able to help you find the right fit.

At Stampede Tack & Western Wear we take great pride in fitting each and every customer into the right pair of boots. We have over 3000 pairs of boots in stock so we are very confident that we will be able to help you find the right fit. We have cowboy boots for men all the way up to a size 17 and for ladies up to a size 11.

When cowboy boots are fitted correctly, your feet should feel great. Remember, that differences in leather, toe and heel styles can affect the way a boot fits. Most cowboy boots are still handmade at the factory so there can even be differences in fit between two identical boots. Cowboy boots also come in a variety of widths and this can vary from boot maker to boot maker. It should also be noted that different boot makers use different lasts to construct their boots on so one boot maker’s boot may not fit the same as another boot maker’s boot in the same size and width. It is best to try on each pair of boots you buy to determine that the fit is correct. This guide will help you with some of that. You should also determine what thickness of socks you generally wear and allow for the socks in the fitting process. Orthotics will also change the way a boot fits so they should also be taken into account if you use them.

Take A Seat:

It is much easier to pull on cowboy boots when seated. You will hear a soft “plop” when the foot drops into the boot. You should now stand in the boot to help to determine proper fit. Stampede Tack & Western Wear sells boot pulls to help you with getting your boots on, if necessary.

Find The Foot Ball:

The ball of the foot should be the widest part of the boot’s outsole. When you are standing, the boot shank and arch of the foot should have matching curves.

Make Room For The Toes:

To determine whether or not your boots have ample toe room, first run your finger over the smaller toes’ area to see if the toes touch softly against the leather. Make sure you are standing when you do this as you want your full weight into the boots. If the smaller toes extend beyond the stitching line of the welt, or if the toes cause a bump, the boots are too short. Basically, your toes should be sitting flat and you should be able to “wiggle” them. If not, you will have to try a larger size, either in width or length.

Instep Fit:

You can determine if your boots fit across the instep by taking the leather between your thumb and index finger and rubbing your thumb across the instep. If the boots are too loose, a large wrinkle will appear. A slight wrinkle means the boots fit properly. This area is generally where the greatest amount of stretch will occur and you want to make sure that you are not “sloppy” in the boot. The boot will only stretch more and you will find that your boots will get really “sloppy” and you will not enjoy them!

Heel Slippage:

Heel Slippage is normal and does not mean the boots are not fitted properly. After the boots have been worn and the outsole flexed a few times heel slippage will go away and you will find that you have a comfortable wearing boot.

At Stampede Tack & Western Wear we want you to enjoy the most out of your cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, English riding boots or any footwear you may buy from us. Sometimes an insole may be required to help with a fit but we consider this a last resort. We also recommend that if you are unsure of the fit of your boots that you take them home and try them out! Just please make sure that you wear them on a soft surface (like a carpet) so that they do not get scuffed in any way. If the fit is not perfect and the boots have not be worn outside or damaged, bring them back and we will start from scratch with finding a perfect fit for you.

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